Unit 2 Writing Assessment: Animal Farm

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Unit 2 Writing Assessment: Animal Farm Animal Revolution “Death is the solution to all problems. No man - No problem” (Joseph Stalin). In this novel the old boar talks about a revolution that the animals will overthrow the humans. After the revolution the pigs take charge over all of the animals and come up with commandments. Throughout the novel the commandment are being changed ever so slightly to favor the pigs to show they are stronger. In the end the pigs have learned how to walk on their hind legs and changed the commandments to one single commandment, ”All animals are equal; but some are more equal than others.” In Animal Farm, George Orwell presents the idea that Language is used to maintain power because the leader/leaders change…show more content…
The French Revolution for one abandoned the Monarchy. Both revolution had been done to change what some thought was wrong and needed to be changed. The French Revolution had taken place because the Monarchy that had been ruling them was not helping, in fact it was hurting them. The Russian Revolution took place because few of the citizens disliked what had been going on previously. Therefore, the one's who had disliked the previous government had overthrown them and took power. A major difference between the two was the French Revolution moved away from the Monarchy form of government while the Russian Revolution stuck with the Monarchy. The reason for the French Revolution was to get rid of the previous form of government that had been ruling them which happened to be a monarchy. The Russian’s however did not move away from a monarchy. The Russian’s had just gotten a new ruler that was worse off for them than before. During both revolutions the main goal was to change who was in charge of them. Whether it was too change the whole form or just the leader itself, it needed to be changed. No matter what happened during the revolution the need was to get a new ruler, no matter how they did it something needed to be changed and it needed to be changed right
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