Unit 207 Handling Cash And Account Analysis

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Unit 207 Handling cash and guest accounts
Worksheet 1:

1. Fill in the blanks to identify and describe the methods of payment below:

Cash simple and common form of payment for smaller purchases, but less likely to occur in a hotel due to the size of the accounts produced during a guest’s stay
Credit/debit card A credit card, travel card, debit card or an-other devices are used for transactions mostly. Credit cards are commonly used for confirmation a booking and for security
Cheque most common for businesses to only ac-cept business cheques or bank cheques. If personal cheques are accepted, the ac-count holder’s drivers licence number and address should be written on the back as some form of security
Voucher a gift voucher permits a certain
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So, what they do is to ask the reception clerk to exchange their money into local currency or use it to pay for their staying.
Travellers cheques a special form of currency used by travel-lers who do not wish to carry large sums of cash or credit cards on their travels. Can be exchanged directly for cash or used to pay a bill

2. Briefly describe the function of a cash float:.

The cash float commonly includes an exact amount of money (50$, 100$) which broken up into change and denominations.
The cash float allows the receptionist to have access for making change for the clients early in the day before the number of sales increases sufficiently.
Staff who work with cash float need to cary certain responsibility and follow se-curity procedures as been laid out by the outlet.
It is really important to sign the document that shows the manager when you take or return the float.
In some cases, petty cash can be considered as a cash float and use this ac-count to reduce the number of checks or credit card transactions needed for minor services and purchases.

3. Identify 4 methods for keeping cash secure in the front
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Strangers can not be admitted to the safe. Thats more, access to the safe should have only duty manager.

Do not transport cast at the same time every day e.g. 10 10 am. So, always try to change the time.

4. Outline the procedure for issuing cash floats:.

The amount of the float depends on what kind of business is it and how busy they are.
In order to make sure that operation goes smoothly multiple denominations are provided with enough change to last for the shift
While ensuring the float both parties need to agree on the total amount and sign for it as verification
The recipient must sign the document that shows that the float was taken.Also, it might be required to sign the issuer
The float is issued, once the recipient has signed
Than the staff transport the float to the cashiering station and place it in the till drawer where a logical arrangement of notes and coins is used. For instance, the largest denomi-nation can be placed on the left side and in descending order to the right
Than the staff close and lock the till drawer

5. List 6 types of transactions handled by the receptionist:.


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