Unit 24 Health And Social Care Essay

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The good interaction between care providers and service users with the exchanging of information about conditions and diagnosis of clients is eased by using IT.
For example, when accepting any resident who are being signed off by any of the hospitals, we receive all the history of the patient from the hospital in order to continue to take care about him adequately This happens by sending health record describing past and present condition, treatment which are being prescribed and advices. All this information is kept confidential and it forbidden for anyone to share any private information of clients to anyone.

IT helps us follow carefully all appointments with GP, hospitals. All of our clients are given the opportunity to choose any social events such as theatre, opera, and cinema. By using IT, we can book visits online, to book special transport for our residents as well.

Usually, me as a manager, I have to order visits of singers which would sing in our home which also happens
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So, when somebody create communication systems and, he has to take into mind considerations. He has to make sure there are no dangers for the user. It should as much secure as possible. If something goes wrong or damage the user in any way, the system editor should be blamed. Many people use computers for a long period of time which can lead to some physical and mental problems. The most endangered are the eyes affected from the artificial light from the computer which can damage and weaken the sight. The damage to the eyes can cause headaches and it could worsen to migraine. By sitting in bad postures, it can also damage different parts of the body especially spine and neck. It’s really important for the children to keep a proper posture because their physical development as not strengthened and can lead to serious problems. In order to protect our eyes from damage we have to follow some
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