Unit 3 Assignment 1 Bitwise Research Paper

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Joshua Corea
EEL 3160 RVC
Homework 11
BitWise IM is an instant messaging application that claims to use advanced industry level encrypting methods and is usable on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. It can do things like direct connect computers to send messages and work without a server by using its own network that does not rely on another system. Part of their aim is to avoid ads and spyware. From looking at some of the documentation it can be seen that they use Blowfish encryption which encrypts up to 448-bit and RSA encryption up to 2048-bit.
The program begins by asking for you to enter your username and password to connect to BitWise. As you type your passwords it hides each character. After entering your information
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By right clicking a contact from the contact list a popup menu will appear with the option to send a file. Perhaps more convenient you can also send files from within conversation window from the Actions menu. In the conversations window there is a file select option that allows you to select which file you would like to send. You may select any file up to 4 GB of size. They are working on increasing this limitation in the future. The file transfer manager displays the status of all your file transfers in one window. The buttons along the bottom are options or actions for a file: description, pause, cancel, open folder, forward and clean list which removes completed file transfers,
With BitWise you can log conversations, conferences, URLs and events. In the logs timestamps are placed on conversations. You can reformat the timestamps using the log Viewer (XML). Using XML Colors XML logs will retain individual message properties, and will be redisplayed using your regular conversation coloring. Or you can use Log Display Colors to choose the colors that will be used when viewing and searching your logs in the log viewer. By default, the user-text and user/daily-XML formats are

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