Unit 3 Assignment 1: Database Monitoring

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Database Monitoring
Database admin need to know each SQL Server 's weakest points so we know where to center their attention with spending plans and their time. On any given server, we have to recognize what the slowest segment is, and where it 'll pay off to contribute hours and dollars. This is execution tuning, and the primary spot to begin is by utilizing Performance Monitor.

Performance Monitor measures performance statistics on a standard interval, and saves those details in a file. The database administrator picks the time interval, file output, and which measurements are observed. After the details accumulate over a timeframe (hours or days), we can exanimate them by opening the outcomes in Excel and setting up some essential equations. A good list of performance counters to
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It may get ruined because of some awful code, or terrible equipment. It may even get lost because of a data center fire, flooding, or some other cataclysmic occasion. With a specific end goal to recoup from data loss or aggregate loss of a database you have to backup databases in light of a few prerequisites.
Before you can build a backup methodology you have to decide your backup necessities. By backup necessities I mean you have to recognize the amount of information you can stand to lose, and to what extent you can take to recoup lost or ruined information. The amount of information would you be able to lose is usually called recovery point objective (RPO), though to what extent would you be able to take to recuperation your lost information is regularly called recovery time objective (RTO).
Keeping in mind the end goal to distinguish the RPO and RTO for your organization you have to meet with your information owners/clients. Your clients will recognize how critical their information is and whether they can re-create, or re-enter information ought to their database get to be ruined, or get lost because of a
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