Unit 3 Assignment 1 Error Code 0x8004

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Error Code: 0x80096004 Keyword: 0x80096004 Product Name: Max Utilities When you are facing different kinds of issues linked with the error code 0x80096004 you must download Max Utilities to remove those problems. Title: The perfect way to deal with the error 0x80096004 Sometimes while you are using a computer certain difficulties crop up. You may face an error code like 0x80096004 when you are trying to download or install an application. The code may also appear at a different point in time. You may keep trying to repair the trouble manually and fail or you may choose the best repair tool and remove the complication at once. Microsoft Office Update fails: Suppose you have Microsoft Office 2003 installed on your Windows Operating System and…show more content…
The last Windows Update that has been installed on the same system has been a Security Patch. After that no other Update can be installed on the same machine. You may have renamed the Windows Update temporary folders or you may have done a reset of Windows Update units. None of the means is able to solve your problem. Applications cannot be downloaded: After the last Windows Update has been installed on your Windows 8.1 computer you may not be able to download any application from Windows Store. If you try to check the applications that are already downloaded you are asked to visit the Store later. You may uninstall the last Windows Update to no avail. You may perform a System Restore to the point when the error has not appeared, but that too will not solve the problem. Skype cannot be installed: Skype is used by many of you. It is not only an instant messaging application but also you can make audio and video calls from Skype. Now, when you try to install Skype on your Windows 8.1 PC from Windows Store you may stumble upon the exception code _0x80096004_. Along with the code you may also receive a message that informs you about a fault which hampers the downloading

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