How Well Did You Meet The Goal You Set Last Week

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1. How well did you meet the goal you set last week? What were your MEASURABLE results (be specific) The goal that I set myself two weeks ago was measured by using a weighting scale. I was able to lose one pound like I said I would, but over the spring break that we had, I was not able to lose another pound. So I can say that I did meet my class goal, but I not meet the extra goal that I wanted to which was to lose an extra pound over the spring break. 2. What did you do to meet this goal? To meet this goal, I downloaded an App in my phone that helped me with calorie counting and keeping track of how many calories I needed to consume in order to lose a pound. Another thing that I have been doing is replacing sugar drinks and soda with water. 3.…show more content…
What is your goal for next week? My goal for next week is to lose another pound, so that by March 25th I weight 163 pounds. I want to be able to lose one pound since I over the spring break I only lost one pound and not two. 4. What ACTIONS will you take to meet your goal for the next week? The actions that I will take to reach my goal for next week is to not eat at fast food restaurant. Sometimes the food that is sold at fast food restaurants is not as healthy as it seems. Another action that I will do is continue to do exercise 3 times a week, and at least for an hour. 5. What stage of the Behavior Change are you presently in? I still consider myself to be in the action stage. I am trying to lose one pound every week even though I feel like every week it seems to get harder and harder to lose one pound. Regardless of how hard losing a pound may be, I am still going to be persistent and keep trying to reach my
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