Unit 3 Assignment 1: Improved Security

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4. Improved security-0 since there is no support for XP anymore, continuing to use will show that you are vulnerable to threats. How to update Windows XP to Windows 10 To install the Windows 10 Home or Professional on your machine running Windows XP, you can choose between a digital download and a physical disc. Currently, it is not clear whether the downloaded version can be run directly from with the Windows XP. However, even if this is the case, everything in your PC will be deleted. This is why you should find an external hard drive and then back up your data there before beginning the upgrade process. A cloud storage such as the OneDrive or the DropBox can also be chosen. You can then embark on the installation process. However, you…show more content…
The following are some of the security features which have been introduced in Windows 10: 1. Device guard- this feature is intended to block zero-day attacks. This has implemented in such a way that applications which try to access the Windows machine and its network are vetted. Applications which have not been signed by a particular software vendor, the enterprise itself and the Windows app store are blocked. Companies such as the Acer, Toshiba, HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo and NCR have colluded with Microsoft so that they can make use of this application in their devices. The device is very useful, as whenever any application is run on your device, the user is notified whether it is not secure after the identification is done. It offers a high level of security compared to antivirus programs since it is not vulnerable to credential hijacking and insider tampering. Also, this feature is capable of working virtually, meaning that in any case the OS is compromised in any way, then the Device guard will not be affected in any way but it will continue to work

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