Unit 3 P1 Communication Research

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Unit 3:Effective communication in health and social care
Learning aim A:investigate different form of communication
We can All communication

A community centre
A family centre
A nursing home
A diabetic clinic at you local hospital

2A.P1 describing the different forms of communication

One-to-one communication:
One to one communication means one individual speaking with someone else with no other individuals join.The communication needs a start for example a greeting, such as 'Hi ', a middle part when both person discuss what we need to talk about, and an ending, such as 'See you later,

Group communication
Group communication is harder because of the fact that it just works right if everybody can be in to.Groups work best if
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Pace:if person speak really and excitedly the person listening to person will not be able to hear everything say.if person keep hesitating or saying um,or,er, it make it harder for people to concentrate on what person saying.

Effective non -verbal communication
Non-verbal communication:
As well as communicating through speech, people use a type of forms of non-verbal communication. Some of these are referred to as body language. This is because they involve the individual using their body and beginning to communicate in some way.

For example:
Care workers behaviour, appearance and attitude send messages to people who receive care as well as to colleagues about what they think and feel. Similarly a person’s body language may tell a care worker that they are uncomfortable pain even when they say I am okay. Non-verbal communication is a channel of communication that is always on.

Gestures can be seen a lot when heated discussions are taking place and the message is important. but it is important to understand cultural norms so as not to unintentionally cause
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