Unit 3 Iago's Treachery Analysis

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Unit 3 (Othello) What seems to be the motivation for Iago's treachery? Lago is the really mean villain in the play Othello. He is manipulative and dishonest. He seems to encourage bad behavior to get what he wants. Lago is a very jealous man, and this is what motivates his treachery. You might even consider that largo is a racist. He convinces Roderigo to go to Brabantio’s house to warn him of the love affair between his daughter Desdemona and the older black man Othello. He also tells Roderigo to fill thy purse. Meaning, Othello can be bought. He thinks Othello’s love for Desdemona is not true, that money will change his mind. Lago says that he hates the moor (the black man). Othello is a gentle natured, middle-aged, black man that Desdemona
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