Unit 32 D1

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May 2005 Garden landscapes Newbury, UK. After leaving school I worked as a labourer for a garden landscaping firm. Tasks included maintaining gardens to constructing bird aviaries. Mar 2007 38 Engr Regt Op TELIC 9. Attached to a field squadron as a Plant Operator, I carried out routine maintenance and servicing on plant equipment. Tasks whilst on tour included: * Upgrading the force protection at Basra Palace by constructing perimeter walls. * Constructing sangers from HESCO. * Repairing the HESCO around the POL point after it was damaged by mortar blast. * Compartmentalisation of the accommodation using blocks and HESCO. * I also carried out forks jobs throughout the tour. Oct 2007 38 Engr Regt Ex Okehampton. Tasks included pot hole repair around camp and also digging in battle trenches for the infantry call signs in both day and night conditions. Dec 2007 38 Engr Regt Plant concentration (Ellington Banks). Tasks included digging in vehicle, battle trenches, anti-tank ditch and levelling the ground. Feb 2008 38 Engr Regt Regiment move from Ripon to Antrim. As the Troop Plant Operator I went across to Northern Ireland on activation party with a section of men to unload all stores and equipment that had been sent over from Ripon. This task included a lot of forks work as well as…show more content…
As the Troop Plant Operator my tasks included digging in battle trenches, anti-tank ditches, vehicle pits and levelling ground. Dec 2008 38 Engr Regt Battlegroup exercise (Otterburn). I was one of two Plant Operators attached to an Infantry call sign. Tasks included digging in many 4 man battle trenches and also helped the infantry construct 4 man battle trenches, complete with revetment. Jan 2009 38 Engr Regt Plant concentration (Aldergrove). As part of our pre deployment training prior to deploying on Op HERRICK 10, we did numerous plant tasks. These included construction of a small FOB, stockpiling, filling HESCO and lots of fork
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