Unit 33 Internet Services P3

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-Internet service providers
(I.e.-Sky, Virgin media, BT) allow you to connect to the internet via a router which is provided and installed by companies for a small monthly fee. Without this you cannot connect to the internet. The companies will provide the internet via two methods- the first is by using a phone line which is also known as dialled up and the second is by using cable or fibre optics.
-Web hosting services
(I.e. - Free hosts, Google sites, free space) provides server space and web services for websites which are controlled by individual people or companies which do not have their own web servers. This means that anyone can have accessibility to create a website using a server even though they don’t own a server themselves. Not all web hosting services are free; some require a small charge such as £1.99 a month to up to £9.99 a month for multiple websites. The difference between free and non-free websites is the domain address which will have their company name written in the url.The paid web hosting means that you can have a personalised domain name which would make the company look more official. Also the free web hosting services do not immediately tend to any problems which go wrong in the website where as in the paid ones the website is constantly maintained and kept up to scratch.
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People can attach images, documents or just send simple emails to any other person with an email address and is usually used in business circumstances but can be use between people to send any information or just as communication. This means that people can send an email to another person whom has an email address and then this email which can have picture or file attachments can be sent from one email to another some other person can read it and then

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