Unit 33 P3

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1. Ensure your homepage engages your audience immediately
Create engaging textual and visual content. Jessica Humphrey, a visual designer and marketing consultant of Monarch Visual, urges businesses to concentrate on audience engagement before anything else. “Think about what ‘voice’ your content (should have) and think about how you can make that voice heard while still staying within your brand’s guidelines,” she said. “Finding that harmony is the key to being successful. If you have a great brand, but present your content in a boring way, it’s no good. If you have great and engaging content, but a weak and forgettable brand, that’s no good either.”
2. Contact information is critical
It is imperative that your contact information is easy
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If your company site does not appear on the first page of search engine results your company may be regarded as non-existent in the online world. More often than not, searchers do not move past the first page when selecting sites from the search engine page. The key to a high SEO is to use relevant key words that will enable your site to appear in results.
4. Make your website mobile optimized
The need to browse the web on a personal computer is a thing of the past. Increasingly, consumers are using smartphones to find services, products, and information. More than ever before, it is imperative that your business website can be viewed from both a smartphone and a desktop.
5. Play it safe and invest in an expert
It may not take a rocket scientist to design a website. However, a poorly designed website may end up costing your company overall. Do not reject the idea of hiring a web designer. “There is a science to good design, and a good designer is worth the cost and will make sure to explain every part of their reasoning to you during the process so that you understand how and why things will work or won’t work,” Humphrey

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