Unit 39 P2 International Business

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International business Unit 39 P1 The business I have chosen which operates internationally is Next. Next is a very well-known retail company in the UK, which has also expanded across forty countries overseas. Next was first introduced to the market in February 1982 and was focused on fashion retailing. The first store opened was an exclusive collection of stylish clothes, shoes and accessories for women. The company Next had followed up with an expansion of the company as collections for men, children and home were quickly introduced. Next is known for its clothes which are of great style, quality and value for money with a contemporary fashion edge as it is styled by its in-house design team. Next has expanded its company further more as…show more content…
Thus, this results in more access to capital, technology, cheaper imports and larger exports markets. This globalization opens access for local business to international production networks and supply chains which are the main channels of trade, therefore this result in an increase in GDP and employment. However, globalization many have a negative impact along with its positive impact as global companies main focus is to maximize profits without regarding the development needs of developing countries. Globalization also results in loss if cultural uniqueness in favor of a universal culture which is drawn heavily from American culture. Developing countries have weak financial institutions therefore due to globalization the volume of capital flows increase which increases the risk of banking and currency…show more content…
This provides opportunities for markets in the UK and Europe. UKTI provides advice to businesses looking forward to set up in the UK, such as taxes, employment, marketing, visas. Special help is provided to entrepreneurs and ongoing support to companies as to encourage growth of business after setting up in the UK. Business are helped to win large projects overseas exporting, retailers and brands to sell their products online tradeshow access, providing grants to eligible businesses due to this businesses would be able to attend overseas events. This encourages many foreign businesses to set up and introduce their business in the UK even though there are taxes and tariffs to be

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