Unit 4 Btec Business Level 3 Unit 5 M1

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In this document I will be discussing potential prompts for change relating to software installation or upgrades for ‘NewVic Company Limited’. Problems with Existing Systems Over a duration of time, New Vic could come across problems with their existing system that a new computer system will be able to fix. One cause of this is that the software that is already in the computer is outdated or in need of an upgrade to begin working again. Another problem this could be caused by is the manufacturer no longer supporting the software which means that they will no longer offer patches for bugs that affects them system. However any alteration that are made to the software may have a negative on the system such as some of the applications not being compatible with the new system. New hardware requiring new or upgraded software When New Vic install new…show more content…
In this document I will be explain the advantages and disadvantages of installing and upgrading new software. Advantages: There are a large amount of reasons as to why people should consider upgrading, or installing new software. Many people will upgrade their software due to the following reasons: • New hardware – With new hardware, many people will be wanting the upgrade in order to have a more efficient computer system. One way a hardware upgrade will make your computer system more efficient is the response time on a computer. With the response time becoming faster, it’ll allow people to complete work faster resulting on more work done. Also if you upgrade new hardware you may also have access to the new features on the

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