Unit 4 Decriminalizing Marijuana

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Juju Mercado English 101 Katie Salazar Dec.17, 2015 Unit 4 Assignment Out of the fifty states in the United States, four are legally able to use Marijuana recreationally and 23 are legally able to use Marijuana for medical purposes. However, if more than half of the United States facilitate the use of Marijuana why not allow the use of it throughout the whole Nation? There are supporters on both sides of the consumption of marijuana with the legalization issue in the United States. One side, may argue to decriminalize the drug. Advocates of the medical use of marijuana would benefit from this notion, as the drug would be more broadly available and profitable to the public. On the contrary, many people still consider the drug to be hazardous…show more content…
and article ‘Potential Tax Revenue from a Regulated Marijuana Market: A Meaningful Revenue Source’ by Michael R. Caputo and Brian J. Ostrom states, “The demand for marijuana has created a multi-billion dollar industry.” If the Drug Enforcement Administration would allow marijuana to become legal, it could potentially boost our economy due to taxation, create employment through marijuana dispensary collectives as well as stores, and provide another source of revenue in each state. “... A consumption of 13,600 metric tons would entail 38 million people smoking one gram each, 365 days a year ” The concept of taxing marijuana would essentially be exactly the same as how the government taxes cigarettes or alcohol today. Aside from a multitude of medical benefits, it is important to recognize how the United States economy could save an estimated 7.7 billion dollars annually, if they let citizens to have an alternative legal form of medicine such as marijuana. Many of our country’s money saving would stem from the amount of money which is spent in order to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate those who utilize medical marijuana. Caputo and Ostrom have as well stated, “It estimated that the figure represents 10-15 percent of the total trafficking illicit marijuana sales which, assuming a 15 percent…show more content…
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