Unit 4 Effective Communication Assignment

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In my audio-visual assignment I ensured to include a variety of vital arguments that were very helpful in understanding the situation and difficulties that existed within Andrew’s life and motivating him to move on. In the video demonstration effective communication remained a crucial skill that had to be inputted in order to gain the best results and accomplish resolving any issues occurring within Andrew’s life. Effective communication meant that I would have to use a diversity of significant elements we learnt in class discussions and apply it to our speech in order to gain far better outcomes than just plainly speaking without knowledge. Some of the skills that I learnt in class and discussions that were applied to my effective communication…show more content…
What I correspondingly prepared was I added some of the stuff Andrew said such as “My family think I’m not spending enough time with them and they get mad at me”, I went on to mention that it sounds like you don’t have enough time to think about your family and gave examples on how to fix the situation by comparing it with my life like managing time. The usage of non verbal communication in the speech was a major factor as well, using non verbal communication made the speech much easier thru using a lot of self check and body gestures to stay motivate in the situation and also to make sure Andrew was following along. Some examples of this was eye contact, making sure my eyes aren’t always looking somewhere else or two directly at Andrew because it would intimidate him. Making sure using kinesis and procemics usefully was a key aspect to have such as my space in front of Andrew and not sitting to closely or far apart which would make us hard to communicate forcing me to yell or sitting so close that I would be breathing on
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