Unit 4 P4 Health And Social Care Essay

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P4- when looking at strategies and communication techniques used with different individuals with different needs whom need to overcome different challenges many aspects must be looked at. A challenge Patrick may face may be awareness and knowledge, he may face this as well as others. Patrick may be aware that he has HIV however he may not be aware how much this will effect him and he may not be aware how to deal with it as he may lack the knowledge. In order to overcome this Patrick could educate himself in depth on HIV, this will help him come to terms with it and will also help him to help others understand HIV. A challenge Alice may face might be acceptance or belief, she may not have the determination to become alcohol free and therefore …show more content…

In the case of Patrick Green, a personalised plan may be a routine he can do every day in order to keep his lifestyle the same as it was before he was diagnosed. This could include gym time to exercise which would be beneficial as he would be kept active. Giving him the independence will also be beneficial as he will feel in control of his care. A personalised plan for Alice however may be a rota in which cutting down drinking are looked at, for example multiple drinks per night are gradually cut down resulting in one per day and eventually to none per day. This will give Alice motivation to become alcohol free and it is also a low cost way to help her beat alcoholism. She will also be in control of the plan which may make it easier for her to follow it without feeling pressured. A personalized plan for Maria could be that carers come in a few times a week to give her a break from caring for her mother, as well as arrangements for her mother to go to activity groups through the week could be made to ensure she has some time to herself. All of these plans have the best interests of the service user at heart. If personalized plans are not created, some clients may be left with some of their needs unseen. This wouldn't be good as it could have serious long term effects for some people if they are not receiving the care they need. For example, if Maria wasn't given a personalised

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