Unit 4 P6 Literature Review

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P6 review physiological data collected, describing the effects of exercise on the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and energy systems
Cooper Run
The first test I did was the Cooper twelve minute test. This tests ones endurance. Advantages of this test is that you don’t need a lot of equipment, it is simple to set up and do so this won’t take up too much time. More than one person can do the test and one time. The athlete doing the test can be run by themselves. Disadvantages of the test are that a four hundred metre track is required and an assistant is required to help with the test.
I think this test is a reliable test for what you want to find out. I think my areas for improvement are that I could have run more, some of the laps I walked because I was very tired. It was hard to record your heart rate during the cooper run as you were concentrating on the running. Mo Farah is a sporting
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The only issues on the day was that we had done the Cooper Run before so my body was tired. The type of athlete that would use this test would be someone like Louis Smith who is a British gymnast. This tests is specific to him because he has to be very flexible and be able to perform to his best ability
Illinois agility test
The third test we did was the Illinois agility test. This tests agility. The advantages of this test is that not a lot of equipment is required. It is a simple test to set up and conduct. This test can be administered by the athlete and it can be conducted almost anywhere. A disadvantage of this test is that an assistant is required.
I could improve on this test by doing it more often. On the day we had done the Cooper Run so I was tired form that which would have affected my performance. Someone who could use this test could be a hockey player like Barry Middleton because he needs to be fast and to have good agility as they change direction quickly.
One repetition
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