Peter Paul Rubens Swot Analysis

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Unit 4-performance task #1 “Peter Paul Rubens.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 12 Mar. 2018,,5074.1 “Rubens, Peter Paul.” WebMuseum: Rubens, Peter Paul, Learn more about Peter Paul Rubens, one of the most prolific and celebrated European artists of the 17th... Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish born artist, who made a name for himself not only in the art world,…show more content…
The colouring and compositions of Veronese and Tintoretto had an immediate effect on Rubens's painting, and his later, mature style was mostly influenced by Titian. When he first saw that painting in Mantua he knew he wanted to be a painter right then and there. Portrait of Anna Austria, Queen of France, c.1622–1625 Two Satyrs is a 1618-1619 oil on canvas painting by Peter Paul Rubens. Life without Peter Paul Rubens Life would not have color, or meaning, or any type of emotion. Peter Paul rubens showed us and will show many more people in the future that life is art, art is feeling, and art is inspiring. Porter paul rubens with forever be one of the greatest painters that lived, and will forever be remembered as legend. Conclusion Peter Paul’s 388 paintings and drawings gave him many opportunities in life. By painting from the heart and seeing life in the colors he used, he helped more and more people with seeing the beauty in a simple painting. “I'm just a simple man standing alone with my old brushes, asking god for
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