Starbucks Information System

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TARIN SOLANO BUS 3022 UNIT 5 ASSIGNMENT 1 Starbucks and its IMS Starbucks started in 1998 a partnership with the grocery-product giant Kraft Foods Inc., the largest branded food and beverage Company in the US and the second largest worldwide. This allows Starbucks to supplies its coffee products, while Kraft Foods is responsible for distribution, accounting, in-store merchandising, promotion and marketing, and Starbucks earn entry into 25,000 U.S. supermarkets quickly. The coffee shops have expanded on a large scale by the acceptance of customers, the variety of products and specifically by the way they work with their partners, who must fill out a profile, and have not taken into account the social- Economic development of…show more content…
It has allowed the company to have additional effective system more responsive to environment. It has also amplified its effectiveness. The information system utilize by Starbucks is one of its significant resources that delivers a clear benefit on its competitors. Starbucks is expenses are big amounts of money on the development of this system and nowadays it is one of its fundamental capabilities For this solid business, a strong supply chain is required, especially if you take into account that both coffee and other items are obtained through suppliers located in different parts of the world and must be delivered to more than 16 thousand points Of Starbucks sales, which serve more than 50 million customers a week. The creation of a simple and comprehensive logistics system was fundamental for the company because it allowed it to optimize the management of its extensive supply chain. Normally Starbucks brings coffee beans from Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States into shipping containers; from the port of entry, this grain (unroasted) is sent by truck to six storage points and after this input is toasted and packed, the finished product is transported by truck to the distribution centers (whose areas are between 200 thousand and 300 thousand square…show more content…
The current use of management information system has importantly enhanced the practical skills of the Starbucks and elevated the decision making capabilities of organization, in order to satisfy the customers and satisfy them with the “Starbucks experience. There are few companies in the world that generate more commitment and loyalty to their customers than Starbucks. This coffee multinational has earned the hearts of consumers, not only with a good product, and impeccable customer service: Starbucks strategy has always sought differentiation through offering
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