Unit 5 Health And Social Care Level 3 P1

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Health and safety legislation applies rules to persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU). A key part of legislation is to make these people officers and apply rules towards these individual’s duty of care. They cannot opt out of this responsibility. In short, duty of care refers to a work environment being safe and secure.

Legislative documents include the regulations, which are specific documents giving information provided under the Work Health Safety Act. The Code of Practice documentation is used to inform workplaces of how to achieve minimal safety standards. Breaching health and safety legislation may result in culpability. This culpability will be dependent on how foreseeable the circumstance was and how negligent the PCBU or worker was.
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Duty of care also extends to activities that impact on the wider environment outside of an organisation, for example waste removal. Companies with bad levels of safety and performance are liable to induce penalties by WorkCover Corporation which can increase insurance premiums. Breaches can be determined with routine
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