Unit 5 Lab 5 File Sharing

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Lab 5: Fileshares File sharing is the public or private sharing of computer data or space in a network with various levels of access privilege. File sharing allows a number of people to use the same file or use some combinations of being able to read, view, write, full control, read and execute or modify the files. The Read permission allows viewing or accessing of the file contents. The Write permission allows the user to write a file or permits adding of files and subfolders. Read & Execute allows the viewing and accessing of the file’s contents and you may execute the file. Modifying the folder allows the reading, writing of the files and subfolders, but you may delete the folder or files if you choose. Lastly, Full Control allows the…show more content…
It’s not a bad idea to make groups for each permission and explain to them they have file shares that their group applies to. Never use the Full Control permission because it leaves a huge security hole for your company. I personally like the solutions of having users understand what each permission does and explaining this information is not to be abused, but you cannot control everything. If a user continues to abuse company police, then a company may have legal ramifications. Even if you give an employee a fileshare permission, they simply cannot abuse it because the fileshare is under intellectual property of the company. If you work for a company as an assistant, they share read only with you how to use the company debit card to make purchases but you decide to go share the information from the…show more content…
The company can give you a verbal warning the first time and ask you to make sure that it never happens again. Five months later you are tasked to do the same, view the fileshare on how to use the debit card and you are caught overhearing what the debit card pin is. The company could not only terminate your contract, but you may be charged with a crime. Every company has a privacy policy, but that term has many definitions. But mainly in this aspect, Privacy deals with keeping information about your company from the fileshare to yourself and not non-employees of the company. When the company shared financial information in a fileshare it’s confidential and charges could be filed. The company would most likely in this case file theft against the employee.This crime could leave an employee in imprisonment if the state or federal charges occurred. There’s also the possibility that the company you previously worked for would decide to file lawsuit damages against you and you would have to pay money to the employer. This means you have caused damages to the company and this is possible if the company is known worldwide. It could hurt their business if it 's hitting headlines that employees are using fileshares to share private

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