Unit 5 Project: What Really Matters? Apply

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Unit 5 Project: What Really Matters? Apply The person I’m going to do my unit project on is Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. King was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. The child of Michael King Sr. and Alberta King, Martin Luther King was said to be a gifted and bright kid/student. Martin skipped three grades in high school and at the age of 15, he attended Morehouse College in 1944. After his time at Morehouse College, Martin earned a degree in sociology and moved to the Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1948. During his time there, Martin was a valedictorian of his entire class and was elected student body president. Martin Luther King later left Crozer and attended Boston University where he received a doctorate in systematic theology and met a singer named Coretta Scott. They were married in 1953 and had four kids. When they were living in Montgomery, Alabama, African Americans struggled with having civil rights. After Rosa Parks’ arrest for not giving up her seat on a bus, activists boycotted the bus until they could have their rights. The activists made or chose Martin Luther King as their official spokesperson during this time. Once the Supreme Court put out a law that requires everyone to sit together on the bus, Martin had the national spotlight…show more content…
King traveled around the country to give inspirational speeches on nonviolent protests and civil rights while meeting activists, religious figures and other important people around the world. The town of Birmingham was a town for boycotts, sit-ins, and also marches to protest against segregation. Martin participated in the protest, but it led him to be arrested by the police on the 12th of April 1963. This arrest led to Martin Luther King Jr. organizing the March on Washington, a march held on August 28 the same year, promoting African Americans to have freedom and rights. The march was considered the biggest moment in civil rights movement
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