Unit 5 Sociology Homework

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Marsha McMillen Unit 5 Sociology Homework Men and women pick their mates in different ways. Some of the groups are the Functionalist Perspective, Conflict Perspective, and the Symbolic Interactionist. Marriage is very stressful, but there are many men and women, that think it is all fun and games. They get married and they believe that it is going to last forever, but then the children come and the fighting begins. Most of those fairytale marriages end in divorce, because they cannot deal with the hard times, the children and the differences that come about after marriage. The following groups feel that marriage should be dealt with in different manners. The functionalist believe that the incest taboo keeps the family members, from being confused about their role in the family, and it is a way to socialize the children. By feeling and believing this way, it leads them to look outside of the family for a wife or husband. They also believe that the new technology and all of the extra curriculum things for the family to do puts restrictions on the families. There is not any family time now as it was. The Government has put rules on the way that children are raised now, such as all children need to go to school, so the parents have lost all control as to what their children are…show more content…
In today’s age, women are no longer staying home taking care of the home, her husband or the children. Women are going out and making their own money, so they are not so dependent on their husbands. When realizing that the housework still needs to be done and the children need to be taken care of, neither mother or father feels like doing either, so it causes problems in the marriage and this eventually leads to
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