Unit 53 Assignment 1: Li Battery And Accumulators

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Unit 53 Assignment 3
A.) The waste batteries and accumulators regulations 2009 and the batteries and accumulators (placing on the market) Regulations 2008

The requirements are broken down into 6 areas by this regulation:

• The first requirement is for the battery producers responsibility to pay for the collection and recycling of waste batteries.
• The second requirement is to make sure that the battery providers have waste battery collection factories.
• The third requirement is for the battery producers to comply with the battery producers compliance scheme set by the portable waste battery collection scheme operators.
• The fourth requirements are for waste battery treatment operators
• The fifth requirement is for waste exporters
• Advice
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• Make sure batteries are kept in a fireproof container when charging and always charge batteries in an isolated area, charge batteries away from any flammable material. Make sure you have access to a fire extinguisher incase of an emergency.
• Always begin charging batteries when they have cooled down, do not charge batteries when they are hot.
• Make sure you always charge each battery pack individually. Never charge battery packs in series.
• Select the correct charging voltage for the correct battery.
• Make sure that the label on the battery is correct so that all the information on the label is correct. This is useful when selecting the correct charging voltage.
• You must select the charge rate current that does not exceed the battery 's allowed charging current. (Please double check the battery 's specification)

Lead acid

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