Unit 6.9 Research Project: An Outline

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Unit 6.9 Research Project Task 1 1. Ideas of projects required for achievement of the objectives: - To reduce the movement of the staff from the premises during the lunch break I propose to make a very cozy café inside the company with low prices; to switch on the music during break and giving free lunch to workers, but instead the break is 20 minutes, not 45 minutes. - To develop a healthy life style and reduce staff absenteeism I propose to add 5% to the workers’ salary if they give up smoking, if they do, they don’t have little breaks for smoking and so that they make more money for the company and themselves; inviting professionals who will coach our employees about healthy life style once per two weeks. a. Chosen project: inviting professionals…show more content…
Sub-divisions and high level estimates of time, resources and costs for the project: The coaches will come and coach our employees once per week during 3 months. We will need 7 coaches (a coach for 200 employees). The course will start on September 1, 2014 and end on November 28, 2014. Resources: a projector (1000 zl), a black-board (500 zl), electricity (300 zl for 3 months), coaches (12 350 zl). Total expenses: 14 150. c. A project methodology suitable for this project. Every week, 7 coaches will come to teach the employees how to keep health life style within the company’s CSR and in their private lives. d. The feasibility of this proposed project. The proposed project will last 13 weeks. Once per week, during 1,5 hour the employees will have the lectures in the conference hall. They will have to spend 45 minutes more at their work place. e. Devise a structure for the management and administration of the project. The CEO of the company will give an order to the project manager to find a team of 3 people who will help him to implement the project. f. The roles and responsibilities of the project manager: - to find 7 successful coaches and hire them - to calculate expenses for the project - to buy needed materials - to inform employees about the
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