Correlation Analysis: Nt1310 Unit 6 Assignment 1

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Unit 6, Assignment 1. Name Institution Section 1: Data File Description The academic performance in class is measured through the exam metrics such as the GPA. However, the GPA may show the performance but not the several factors that define the overall outcome of the GPA. Some of the factors that may affect the GPA score is gender. This paper seeks to find out if there is any relationship between gender and the GPA performance. The dataset used in the analysis is the grades.dat; it was used to analyze the performance of the students in the GPA and the final. The dataset includes information collected from the survey of 105 students and includes variables such as performance and demographic variables. The variable GPA measures the performance…show more content…
The Correlation coefficient=0.523. This correlation relies on the assumption that the variables are normally distributed, and that there is no presence of outliers. Statistics GPA final N Valid 105 105 Missing 0 0 Skewness -.053 -.334 Std. Error of Skewness .235 .235 Kurtosis -.811 -.334 Std. Error of Kurtosis .468 .468 The table shows that the in the data set, the GPA variable is a left skewed distribution of -.053 and a left kurtosis of -.811. The final variable indicates that the left skewed distribution stands at -.334 and a left kurtosis of -.334. Section 3: Research Question, Hypotheses, and Alpha level Research Question: Is there a relationship between the performance at the GPA and the final? Null Hypothesis: There is no difference between the GPA performance and the final. On the Asymptomatic significance test, the significance level is 0.05. Table showing the hypothesis summary Hypothesis Test Summary Null Hypothesis Test Sig. 1 Median of differences between the GPA and the final equals 0 Related-samples Wilcoxon Signed rank test .000 Reject the null hypothesis Section 4: Interpretation Table Showing the Correlation output: Correlations GPA final gender total gpa Pearson Correlation 1 .499** -.193*

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