Case Study Unit 6 Romeo And Juliet

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Case Study 1: Romeo
The strengths of Romeo are his independence and the desire to change his lifestyle for a better future. Romeo has decided to be open and tell his problem to the human services professional so that he can get some help. Telling out about his own bad side of life requires him to be strong. Romeo is also loyalty to his gang group because he did not disclose their secrets.
By recognizing the strengths of Romeo, the human service professional can apply them and thank him for the courage that he has. The counselor can be able to encourage Romeo that he has a good chance to turn back and change his life because he is still young.
Using three different appropriate interview techniques identify each technique as you work towards appropriate
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Romeo: Yes, but I do not know where to begin with. I just wish I could be because am tired of the street life.
HSP: Am getting a psychiatrist to help prescribe drugs for you so that you can stop using Marijuana and also look for the government program which will then assist you in college and help you get a job.
Romeo: Thank you, I appreciate your concern and am going to corporate.
Cultural Issues Considered: Romeo is in the Hispanic descent as the Hispanic population is massive and is connected to gang dealings and drug use. The Hispanic gang groups normally have numerous piercings and tattoos.
Ethical Issues Considered: The ethical issue in the Romeo’s case is the ability of Romeo not being biased about the gang dealings and the drug use. Though Romeo’s lifestyle is not good, I have view the situation in his position.
It is difficult to discuss goals with the client for now because of his anxiety. The best goal is to help him get immediate attention to his suicidal feelings. Getting Romeo to the psychiatrist and then to the government program will be very important for a better
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