Unit 6 Role Podcast Analysis

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Unit 6 Role Podcasts: You are required to listen to at least four of the CTE Role Podcasts. Comment individually on each of the four podcasts you listened to, refer to the student by name. 1. Carol Argon-Montgomery: I think it is fantastic when a talented person such as yourself can take your real world experience in business and marketing and utilize them in a classroom. Helping students with career development will be very beneficial to them as they move forward. Being an advocate as you already have with family and friends is an invaluable resource which I am sure they are thankful for. 2. John Cane: With the experience you have in drafting and design, you possess so much to offer to Cochise College in regards to curriculum development. Experience backed with education is the key to…show more content…
Why/how did you choose your site visit location? I picked Paradise Valley Community College as my site visit because I have heard from other instructors of how good the program was. Curiosity got the best of me and I felt I could kill two birds with one stone. The program, although in Maricopa County is run completely independent from other programs. After meeting with the Director and some staff, I left the visit thinking my source of information was no correct in his assessment. Based on the information I had prior to going to this site, I expected the best in classrooms, equipment etc. and now realize they have plenty of room to grow. 2. Were you able to do an in-person visit? Yes, I met with the Director of the program Dan Donahue who then had a few adjunct faculty give me the deluxe tour. I must say that they were all very inviting and could have not made me feel anymore welcome. 3. Did you find this assignment valuable? Why/why not? I did find the visit of great value, because it really opened my eyes of how different programs can be even if in the same local. It is inspiring to see where programs are and how much more potential they
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