Unit 7 Assignment: Acid-Base Balance

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Unit 7 Assignment
Acid-Base Balance: Respiratory Acidosis and Alkalosis, Metabolic Acidosis and Alkalosis
Tianna Robinson
February 23,2016
SC131: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Normal blood pH ranges from7.35 to 7.45. When blood pH decreases below 7.35 an acidosis occurs. Respiratory acidosis is caused when the lungs cannot remove all of the carbon dioxide that is produced by the body and body fluids become too acidic (Respiratory acidosis, 2014). Ranges that are normal for PaCO2 are 35-45 mm Hg. A lung condition that affects breathing or impairs the lung’s ability to remove CO2 may be the cause of respiratory acidosis. Some causes are multiple sclerosis, COP disease or severe obesity (Team, 2015). Treatment for Respiratory
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When increased respiration rises the blood pH level beyond the normal range 7.35-7.45, it causes respiratory alkalosis. Some causes are anxiety, fever, hyperventilation, pregnancy or any lung disease that causes shortness of breath (Respiratory alkalosis, 2014). Mechanisms responsible for compensation to respiratory alkalosis are rapid cell buffering and decrease in renal acid excretion (Respiratory alkalosis, 2014). To treat respiratory alkalosis carbon dioxide is to be inhaled. Inhaling inside of a paper bag or using a mask that causes you to re-breath carbon dioxide can be used as treatment (Respiratory alkalosis, 2016). The elderly are at a greater risk for respiratory alkalosis because of pulmonary disorders and specifically…show more content…
Decreased hydrogen ion concentration, leading to increased bicarbonate, or alternatively a direct result of increased bicarbonate concentrations causes metabolic alkalosis. Common causes are prolonged vomiting, hypovolemia, diuretic use, and hypokalemia (James L. Lewis, 2016). Compensation for metabolic alkalosis occurs in the lungs. Metabolic alkalosis leads to alveolar hypoventilation with a rise in arterial carbon dioxide tension. A patient is treated depending on its cause. For alkalosis caused by hyperventilation, breathing into a paper bag allows you to keep more carbon dioxide in your body, which improves the alkalosis. If your oxygen level is low, you may receive oxygen. Medicines may be needed to correct chemical loss such as chloride and potassium (Respiratory alkalosis, 2014) Because of their delicate fluid and electrolyte status the elderly are at risk for metabolic
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