Unit 7 Assignment: Client Networking Request

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Unit 7 Assignment: Client Networking Request NETWORK ARCHITECTURE LAN method of networking with RJ45 CAT5/6 Ethernet Cable can be used as there are only three computers which are to be connected. Client/Server technology will help as they can make the computer placed in their home next to the store as the server. The server can later be used to access information like bills, inventory, total purchases etc. TRANSMISSION MEDIA A wired media should be preferred to be on the safer side as wireless is always prone to attacks. Ethernet cables (RJ45 CAT5/6) can be laid inside the store as they are cheap and easy to install. Traffic generated in small store would obviously be low so 100MBps Ethernet would be the best bet. NETWORK HARDWARE As the cable modem is already supplied by the ISP, if it has enough available ports it can be directly used. Otherwise a new router (preferably Cisco provided) or a switch (Netgear or Dlink ones can be used). The one suggested in the document D-Link DI-514 is too old for modern tasks. A well-equipped router with options such as QoS, UPnP, ARP Binding, Access control options should be preferred as it a business…show more content…
The manager should make sure that his computer always uses the latest updated OS and also has some kind of antimalware software installed on his computer keep malware at bay. The computer should also be firewalled by either a hardware based firewall device which can installed before the server or on the router level which can easily block unwanted port scanning and network sniffing tools. Some software based firewalls such as ZoneAlarm, CyberOam, Sophos, products from Symantec and pfSense etc. can be used. For backup, the manager can use inbuilt backup functions like Windows Backup for Windows or can use commercial products like Acronis True Image, Norton ghost etc. to make full or incremental backups of their important

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