Unit 7 P1 Web Server

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Web Server:
A web server is where it stores all the websites that are within the internet. The purpose of a web server is to deliver the web pages from the server and sends you the information of a website that you have requested. It provides the web pages you see on your internet browser. The web server works via getting data and information received from a browser that has asked for a page, it than will be processed through the server looking for what’ve requested and sends back the information to your screen. Web servers will request from HTTP and HTTPS sites.

Mail Server:
A mail server is where it gathers incoming and outgoing mails sent from users. Mail server’s uses SMTP and POP3 protocols that help the users the ability to send emails
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There are different internet browser you can download such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Browsers help the way they connect to web servers.

Mail Client:
A mail client is a software that allows you to setup a mail client and start sending and receiving emails. There are different mail clients you can use such as: Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbirds. Mail clients are linked and our sent to the mail servers to deliver your emails you send across the internet.

Firewall is a piece of software on your computer. Firewall helps prevent software and malicious viruses trying to gain access to the computer from the internet or the network you’re connected onto, it helps by making sure the computer is safe by not allowing and avoiding unwanted items on your computer or network.

M1: Web Architecture:
Web 2.0:
Web 2.0, is the new ways and methods of how people interact on the internet and communicate online. Examples of Web 2.0 which users would communicate and interact online: Blogs, Video/Audio, Social Media, Images & Pictures. But also from user interaction from online games and forums as well as user generated

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