Unit 731 Sutray

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The Chinese government has over the past few decades uncovered evidence of a horrible crime committed in the former Japanese state of Manchuko, in northeast China. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children murdered 75 years ago leave their remains in the ground and in the memories of a precious few who bore witness in a time of foreign occupation. Japan does not officially recognize any military operations in China to which this massive crime can be attributed. The United States, whose own military occupied Japan and investigated its wartime actions following World War II, seems not to care about the alleged crimes of its former enemies. Bt According to the United States and Japan, exactly zero people died in the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification department of the Kwantung Army, otherwise known as the infamous Unit 731 complex. During the decade before World War II officially ended, Unit 731 operated as a human research facility under the cruel gaze of General Shiro…show more content…
Our exhibit contrasts what is seen in the daylight – the ignorance and secrecy of peace after the war – and what is concealed in the night – a terrible, criminal act against millions of innocent people, disguised as part of the “Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification department”. We present the audience with images, records, and information that bring vivid reality, and significance to an event that is often overlooked and dismissed.
The United States and Japan want to turn a blind eye to a horrific human rights violation, the torture and death of a quarter million innocent people. Publicizing Unit 731 will help to memorialize the sacrifices made by those who suffered under General Ishii. As long as people keep retelling the story their loss will never be forgotten. Including our exhibit in the museum will help to immortalize this tragic and forgotten story for generations to
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