Unit 8 Health And Social Care Case Study

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This case is about a forty five year old man named Colin. Colin has a five year-old son named Toby who lives with his ex-partner Patricia and her boyfriend Jon. Colin is desperately seeking work after losing his job through redundancy. As a result, Colin signed on for benefits and due to being out of work for 12 months was eligible for the government work programme. He left the programme resulting in losing his entitlement for his job seekers allowance and housing benefits. Colin shared a house with his ex-partner Patricia however losing his housing benefits meant he was unable to pay rent and had to leave. Colin then booked a holiday to Singapore to look for a job however the job never materialised and he was forced to return home. Once he…show more content…
Dave was worried for Colin as he became increasingly angry and violent. He was critical of Colin and his lack of responsibilities to his son, this led to Colin being injured and having to go to A&E where he told medics he was abused and homeless. Patricia was Colin’s next of kin and so offered Colin a place to stay. Medics were concerned Colin was unable to make a decision due to being in an unfit state and in addition were unable to complete a mental health capacity test. A referral was made under terms of the NHS after a multi disciplinary meeting took place regarding Colin. The main risk factors when considering Colin’s case would be his housing situation, employment situation and his mental capacity. Colin’s housing situation is of priority, as he was sofa surfing after being encouraged to leave the house he shared with his ex Patricia. Therefore Colin was in fact homeless however this was not official as the council ruled that he was made ‘intentionally homeless’. Intentionally homeless means that you could have avoided becoming homeless and so the Housing Executive doesn 't have to help you if you left suitable accommodation that you could have stayed in or if you had to leave your home because of something you did or failed to do. (Housing Rights, 2014) The
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