Unit 8 Health And Social Care Case Studies

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Reighn made friends at school and in the community. The peer interactions are positive and provide peer support. The youth is mostly talkative and reserved. Reighn displays positive aggression during passionate discussion.
Reighn attends community events, school events and church. Reighn has not volunteered in the community during this past period. Each activity provided positive peers and adults interactions.
Reighn biological mother has rights. The youth is the only child in care. Her siblings live in the household with their biological father.
Reighn continues to maintain her grades. The youth completed her grade level work during this period. The school has not reported behavior or emotional problems. Reighn does not have and IEP or 504
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Reighn receive medication management services from the MUSC Clinic. The youth’s overall physical health is well. She has seasonal allergies to food and the environment. There were no reports of illness within the past 30 days. Reighn does not have a history of sickness.
Reighn learned to express her frustrations regarding her mother and past experiences. The youth continues to display age appropriate behaviors and interactions with adults and peers.
Reighn had supervised family contact with her brothers and other family members approved by DSS worker via telephone and face to face. Family contact and visitation with biological mother and maternal grandmother is still suspended.
Reighn receives weekly individual trauma therapy at the Lowcounty Children Center. The youth expressed participation in therapy allows her to process her thoughts and feeling about her biological mother.
The youth will continue to receive family support services and individual therapy. Reighn will continue school and community activities that will reinforce positive interactions, coping skills and provide emotional support. She will have supervised family contact and
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