Unit 8 Numeracy Test

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This was the question that I found the most difficult as I was unsure about the spatial aspects of the question. I was not sure how many tiles would fill each of segregated sections in the square. In order to work this out, I wrote on the diagram how many triangular tiles it would take to fill each of the different sections. I felt confident with the sections that could be filled with one of the triangular tiles or two triangular tiles; however, I was not confident about how many would fill the other sections. I then worked out that the large square section in the middle of the table comprised of two lots of two triangular tiles; thus, this part required four tiles in total. Then the remaining sections were larger then two tiles, but smaller…show more content…
Firstly, the questions in the numeracy test rely heavily on the student’s prior experiences in mathematics. So, instead of testing the mathematical understanding of the student, it tests how well the student has been taught mathematics. This became apparent to me when I was completing the test, because I found the questions that I had previously been exposed to at school a lot easier to answer. In comparison, I found the questions that I had never come across a lot more difficult, even if the actual mathematics involved was at a similar complexity level. This notion reduces the validity of NAPLAN due to the fact that it assesses how well the students have been directly taught for the test, rather than the mathematical ability of the students. Another issue with NAPLAN, is that it does not solely test student’s mathematics ability because language comprehension is needed to understand the worded questions. So, students with language difficulties will be disadvantaged even if they have a sophisticated knowledge and understanding of mathematics. Therefore, the NAPLAN testing scheme does have many educational benefits for students, teachers, parents, schools and the government; however, it is not without its faults and there are areas in which improvement could be
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