Unit 8 P1 Feasibility Study

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All businesses have to comply with The Health and Safety Executive (UK Government body) and complete Risk Assessments to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. A Risk Assessment looks at a normal day working activities and considers what could go wrong and encourages the employer to look at measures to protect the employee/customer and to have a plan of action should anything go wrong. These assessments are regularly revisited and updated as necessary.
As a practice dealing with veterinary medication and equipment that can be hazardous to human health we also need to comply with the following boards; • COSHH – The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. Using a Risk
Assessment to look at the medication being used and the
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• Hazardous Waste Regulations (Environment Agency) correct bins and colours sacks must be provided and all waste disposed of correctly.
Your hygiene is key to keeping you and others you come into contact with safe. Zoonosis is a disease which humans can catch from an infected animal. Regular and effective hand washing is your best defence. There are a number of Zoonosis diseases, the most common seen a UK practice would be Scabies (Mange - Parasitic) and although the mites do not remain on the human host for more than a few hours the host develop small red lesions. Ringworm is another Zoonosis disease which is a fungal disease found in wildlife, rabbits, dogs and cats and is passed on via contact with the sores.
Personal Safety in daily routines
Within the practice there are a number of different hazards such as those listed below, with the corrective action you can use to avoid them: • Wear the correct shoes inside the practice. Flat shoes with a good nonslip tread and ideally washable to reduce transfer of fluids or dirt. • Clean spillages and ensure the correct warning signs are in
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