Unitary Form Of Government Essay

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Definition of Unitary form of Government
Unitary form of Government is a converse of federation and is a system in which all powers are centralized in the hands of a central government. A single central government controls the whole state with full might. Although the state is divided in provinces and other units but these divisions are administrative in their nature. These sub-divisions completely work under the supervision and control of the central government. In unitary form of government, the political authority is centralized. Unitary State is useful in those states where there are no strong nationalities or in the small states.
Characteristics of Unitary Form of Government
Following are the features, attributes and characteristics of unitary state for government
Centralization of Powers
In unitary system, all powers are centralized in the hands of the central government and only center is the reservoir of all state powers. In this
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A rigid constitution is required only in federation in order to establish firm and safe relations between the centre and federating units. Constitution of unitary system has an advantage that it may be changed according to the needs of time and changing circumstances. A constitution is a document necessary to run a state according to the changing orientations. People 's desires change with the passage of time and constitutions are amended accordingly. Its flexibility paves way for its progressiveness. Constitutions of the unitary systems are evolutionary and may face any immediate situation.
Despotism Attribute Unitary State
It is one of the important characteristics of this system that it may become despotic when the rulers are not faithful and patriotic. All powers are in the control of the centre and there is no check upon the exercise of these unlimited powers. It becomes absolute and state powers may be abused. It lacks internal check system.
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