United Airlines Persuasive Speech

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On a day in April of 2017, United Airlines forcefully removed a passenger named David Dao off the plane. United Airlines had run out of space on the airplane for their own crew and was offering vouchers to passengers to get off the plane. When no one volunteered, random passengers were chosen. Dao was one of these people. When he refused, security was involved and Dao’s head was struck on an arm rest knocking him out. He became bloodied and was removed from the plane. This action by the crew of the airline can be seen as morally wrong and a different measure could have been taken instead. Dao, as a paying customer had a right to keep his seat and should not have been removed in such a way. He had his own reason for staying on the airplane.…show more content…
After committing immoral actions on people, not only people of color, one would get negative results in one way or another. So, United Airlines will eventually see some consequences heading their way. After physically harming and removing a passenger on the flight, United Airlines has been seen in a bad light, especially by the passengers on the same flight as Dr. David Dao. Many people are on Dao’s side on the issue and are against the airline. The airline has already seen some action taken against them online and economically. The app for the airline was previously seen as a relatively decent app. However, after this event, the rating tanked and became as low as it can possibly be on iTunes, stagnating at 1.1 stars out of five. Social media attacked the airline and the CEO of United Airlines had to come out and apologize about the incident. The most harmful thing to the airline is the health of its stock. According to, the flight service’s stock dropped about 4%, losing the company 1.4 billion dollars. Only the future can tell if United Airline’s stock can repair…show more content…
The deductive argument of “United Airlines should be punished for its wrongful actions against Dr. Dao,” is connected with the non-deductive argument in the form of a premise. The non-deductive argument can be seen as a premise for the deductive argument. The non-deductive argument argues that, as a person of color, Dr. Dao was treated poorly. Recently, social issues of race have been seen around the country, and maybe even the world. Many different individuals have taken a stand against the race issue in the country and therefore negative repercussions will most likely be taken against the flight service United Airlines. The comment stating that individuals have taken a stand can be seen as a deductive argument but we are simply assuming that they will take action against the airline. This makes it a non-deductive argument. That is, however, still supporting the main deductive argument which is “wrongful actions are punished, therefore United will be punished.” Each form of argument is able to support the other. We use deductive arguments to assume actions making a non-deductive argument. There are limits however. We cannot use a deductive argument to make a contradictory non-deductive argument. This is because the deductive argument is exactly what it states and cannot be used to prove it
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