United Bank Swot Analysis

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United Bank Limited was established on November 1959. The first president of the UBL was Mr. I. I. Chundrigar. Most of the branches of union bank Ltd. Were merged into UBL to work as UBL’s subsidiary. The head office was Dhaka.
United Bank Limited is one the best largest commercial bank in the country. With almost 46 years of good standing to its value clients, UBL has stood the test of time, producing asset of over Rs. 300 billion. UBL has asset of over Rs. 300 billion and a solid track record of 46 years – in addition to the convenience of over 1056 branches serving you throughout the country and also at several over sea locations. UBL offer its services through a wide network of over
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The Government imposed restriction, tariffs, patents etc can stop new firm to enter into the business. There are banks with quality services and low charges. So there is no threattoUBL from potential entry.
2. Bargaining Power of Buyers
The buyers are empowering when there are many substitute available. The bargaining power of buyers is also described as the market of output. The ability of the customer is to put the firm under pressure. All the existing firms in the industry attract the customers toward itself by reducing the service cost and providing the excellent feature of product. Because the customers demanding quality and services at lowest charges. So the bargaining powers of the customerin the market it high.
3. Threat of Substitute Products or Services
The threat of substitute for United Bank Limited is very high because of other competitors. In the banking sector there are many substitute products which change the whole industry and satisfy the customer need and wants in same way. Everyone has its choice to select its product willingly. We see that customers of United Bank Limited are increasing day to day besides these others banks strength is also
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Which formulate and implement policies for banking system and regulate the bank according to the country situations. The education institute is the other main suppliers which provide the skillful labor to industry with advance study which enhance the industry. Due to these institutes the industry is so sensible. The bargaining power of the supplieris medium.
5. Rivalry among Competing Firms
The rivalry among the industry is so high because they want to capture the larger share of banking industry in the Pakistan. For this purpose the firm spend a lot of profit portion on advertising expense and have power full competitive strategy which have a dominate factor against the competitor. There are few and equal in size of rival so they compete with each other and they match their products. Some important points which the firms compete with each other are.
2.4 Market Trends The coming trend of banking industry is online banking and mobile banking and bringing in practice the online business and introduce such instrument through which everyone will be able to buy things or commodity in domestic or in international market and pay through these instruments. Such as ATM, Debit card and Credit card. And the branchless banking is now started by the UBL omni and Telenor easy paisa.Few Facts and figures of Telenor Easy Paisa and UBL

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