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The United Methodist Church: An outline of global HRM policies and practices The global HRM strategy of the United Methodist Church, which applies to more than 34,892 churches in the Unites States alone, is anchored around the following priorities : 1. Developing Leaders for the Church This includes all systems involved with the identification, recruitment, training, support and evaluation of clergy and staff, with special attention towards diversity in form of youth and racial minorities. 2. Developing and Redeveloping the Church These are policies and practices directed towards providing direction and resources for new churches and for existing congregations. 3. Reconnecting the Connection The UMC places great emphasis on maintaining and…show more content…
This recruitment policy is clearly grounded in the efforts of the church to engage with all stakeholders in the local communities. A Director of Administrative Services is designated responsible for coordinating all employment, appraisal and grievance redress procedures. The UMC prohibits all forms of harassment in their churches and offices, including sexual harassment. Each supervisor is charged with the task of maintaining the workplace free of any form of sexual harassment. The UMC also strives to keep nepotism out of the organization by prohibiting the hiring of family members to work under the supervision of a family member, either directly or indirectly as stated in their Personnel handbook. The layoffs policy at the United Methodist Church mandates that the layoffs be in consistent with the needs and values of the organization. It attempts to avoid layoffs, whenever possible, and consider alternatives to layoff before any final decisions are made. Employees selected for layoff are to be given adequate notice and severance payment; and be informed of the reason for the layoff, and (when possible) of the estimated length of the layoff. The UMC also offers to its employees an option to stay on site and volunteer if a short-term layoff is…show more content…
Performance appraisals are made in consultation with immediate supervisors and subject to random review by the concerned Director of Administrative Services. The main priorities and values of the United Methodist Church are deeply ingrained in the way individual employee performance is measured and evaluated. The expectations are clearly set and completely aligned with the organizational vision. The church provides regular feedback and guidance to the staff on how each expectation and dimension fits with the universal values of the organization and with the message of the Christ, as can be seen from the 360 degree review form handed out by them

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