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The flag of the United States is such a beauty. Wouldn't you agree? In this report, I will introduce the history of the United States Flag, the symbolism shown by the flag, and why there are many different versions of the Stars and Stripes leading up to our most current one. The flag of the United States has many different symbols that have a great impact and influence on the United States, but all the symbols eventually lead to patriotism because that is what the flag, as a whole, represents. So let me introduce to you the heart of our country, The Flag Of The United States. The United States flag has numerous symbols that represent us, the citizens, as a country. The flag itself is made up of 13 stripes with seven red stripes and six white stripes. The stripes represent the rays from heaven looking down to us and…show more content…
It is such an honor to write a report about it as it affects so many people. The flag is an inspiration to United States’ citizens because it represents unity, purity, and justice. This is key to a successful nation and its people. The flag also brings hope and courage to all. When you look at the flag all you may see is a piece of fabric that seems to be everywhere. But, once you look further into its rich history, you can see all the struggles and successes we faced as a country.This is what I saw as I did more and more research to uncover the layers of the flag’s great and unpredictable history. The flag is a single representation of the United States. Everything about the flag is symbolic and patriotic. The flag has been our nation’s strength and unity for two-hundred years and counting. You can look up at the flag and see its rich history flowing across the beautiful, blue sky. The flag unites us as a country and as neighbors. This is our flag and its our history. It means the world to us and can never be taken away. The flag is us and will always represent us as a

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