United States Immagration Policy

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Should the United States change its Immigration Policy? This is the subject of todays debate. Resolved, that the united states should significantly change its immagration policy. In order to accuratly arue this subject we must first define our terms. Significantky; to be important or consequential. change; to alter or replace a current system. Immagration policy; a policy of a state or nation that deals with the transit of people across its borders.(1)

There are many prolems with the current immagration policy, one of which is Sanctuary cities. One problem with sanctuary cities is that it provides a safe place from the law. Each year, over 8,000 Illegal Imagrant criminals are released into sanctuary cities, where they are allowed to
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Convicted criminals that do not legaly reside in the United states shall be turned over to the government of the country they are a citizen of. If a foreign government does not cooperate the government will immediantly, cease foreign aid to that country and/or embargo their highest net revenue export, to continued until said country accepts any and all criminals that have citizenship there. If a city ignores the United states law against sanctury cities, it shall receive immediate stopage of all state government fundings including and not limited to; salarys, building matience, travel time, and endorsements, to continued until such time as they comply with any and all sanctuary laws. To oversee and enforce sanctuary city law the United States Council of Imagration Services shall be expanded, and required to give the congress a government finacial expenditure report of any and all sanctury cities currently in violation of sanctuary law to be filed to the congress no later than fourteen days after the last day of the month…show more content…
Second, we would enjoy safer roads. The FBI reports that in sanctuary cites/states an average of almost half of the traffic violations are commited by uninsured, unregisterd, unlicensed, illegal aliens.(3) Perhaps most importantly american citizens will be safer. In sanctuary cities, Illegal imagrants commit an average of 75% of the burglaries, 70% of the car theft, 65% of the rapes, and 85% of the murders, as well as constituing over half of the gang members and occuping 30% of avilable jail space.(3) Obviosly this plan will significantly reduce danger to american

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