United Technologies Corporation Case Analysis

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The industry also needs to deal with the fact that the quarter of actual workforce within the industry will retire in the next five years. Partner programs with the high level education institutes need to be signed to engage young and enthusiastic employees from the fresh graduates. The aerospace industry needs to prepare to deal with the key challenges of the future: - develop technical circumstances to automate the air transportation so that it could deal with the triple capacity in 10 years; - diminish the emission of airplanes and noise radically; - diminish the air accidents; - reduce the flight time to the half of the current between any locations. V.3. Global challenges in the commercial aerospace industry 1) Geographical change &…show more content…
SWOT analysis of UTC United Technologies Corporation is a top competitor in the commercial aerospace industry. The company’s key success factors are reducing costs and being the leader in their products and services quality. To achieve that, the company is committed to its Achieving Competitive Excellence program. Strengths: United Technologies Corporation owns a strong position at the market by providing diversified and wide range of products and solutions to its customers in the aerospace industry. This position enables the company to reach economies of scale. Thanks to the size of the company it can reach cost advances in production. The strong financial position and capabilities enable the company to invest into robust research and development programs, often also of unique products. The strong management team with effective communication ensures a good reputation of the company and its brand image, which is necessary to manage well the relationship with the company’s loyal…show more content…
The company revisits and analyzes its technical and financial processes to be prepared for mitigating the competitive threats. The main drivers in United Technologies’ customer relationship are delivering the products of the best technology on time to ensure smooth purchasing process for its customers and provide products with excellent quality. Any issue coming up in the process requires immediate action for United Technologies. The company has signed an 80-year long partnership with Boeing Company that is a step forward compared to the previous one. Boeing Company needs the investment and expertise of United Technologies and by this long-term contract it ensures a stable relationship with one of the main customers of the industry. By signing this contract United Technologies has decided to invest again into a new technology development and create value for the industry by new solutions, which reduce cost for end

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