United We Stand Divided We Fall Analysis

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Who we are should not be defined by the color of our skin, our gender, our size, nor should we be defined by who we date, or where we come from. The problem in my point of view is the fact that everyone is trying to do better than everyone else. We 're so focus on putting someone else down that we forget that we even have a soul. We let the idea of taking over, the idea of being powerful take over the fact that we could just love one another and live life as we should live it ... Together. After all "United we Stand, Divided we Fall".

Jack is so focus on dating a way "Hotter Chick" than John that he forget all the romance behind it all. Dating becomes a competition, the girls become the "trophies" and they 're the players therefore most of us start to believe that Love is overrated and just give up. Love becomes a game and everyone plays it but at the end someone always end up hurt whether it 's emotionally or physically. The long walk on the beach, the diners alone, the scavenger hunts to the special presents, it 's all gone. One person loses and the winner goes one to the next game.

Then there is Anna who watches everything she eats because she doesn 't want to gain weight and be like the girl behind her, Sarah who can for not a second resist a
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Let 's not forget the fact that Jake believes in God and that not all things are acceptable. He dresses differently and tries to stay out of trouble but he gets bullied for it. Everyone has their right to believe in something, whether it 's God, Evil, whether you believe that there is no God and that everything is science is your issue. What Jake believes should not have to annoy you. Now if he comes up to you and make a statement you dont appreciate all it takes is to say "I respect you opinion but I believe otherwise and I don 't feel comfortable discussing this with you" and you add a smile. It is as simple. Jake doesn 't need to be called other names that isn 't on his birth certificate unless he
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