Gender Discrimination In Latin America

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“We are only as strong as we are united as weak as we are divided.” This quote by J.K Rowling is expressing how unity can make a group stronger together than they are separated. In Latin America, separation happened very often and was a common theme throughout the history of the country. It is very distinct, especially shown in their literature, how it connects to today’s society as well as long ago. The lack of unity in their society is evident in Latin American writing through symbolism, discrimination, and the connections between the authors and their writing to show that working as a unit can lead to many great accomplishments. The use of symbolism is profound in the literature. In a few of the stories, by Octavio Paz and George Luis Borges,…show more content…
Like mentioned in the last paragraph, poverty was the separation of two main groups, which consequently caused discrimination to occur. Based on social and financial statuses, inclusion was exclusive to the higher class people and excluded the lower class. “It flows along an easy slope… one street corner is taken for another” (Praise Darkness). This quote shows that poverty in Latin America was a common occurrence and was easily recognized. Moreover, the discrimination in social classes leads a path to discrimination in gender roles. People, especially women, were thrust into gender specific roles which withheld them from society. “The diabolical happiness of men on the loose presented an even greater threat to women” shows that women were treated as objects and as something to throw away. One of the things that was thought as useless trash was themselves. It is very clear in the stories that the authors didn’t have very high opinions of themselves. “The world has banished me to my own world” (Praise Darkness). The character in this story reflects the author’s way of thinking and shows how one could get lost in their own mind. The authors demonstrate their states of mind as well as their thoughts through their writing and the connections made from
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