Unity In The Colonies

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As the Colonies were growing in population due to large-scale immigration, and as European squabbles boiled over to the Americas, rebellion was brewing. After the French and Indian war, the period salutary neglect abruptly ended. With the Colonies formerly united against France, once that ended their sights focused on the British. In addition to the united anger against the French turning to the British, the colonials realized their similarities and the common bond between all of them. Unity in the colonies saw its boom in the French and Indian War. As seen in doc. “F” the donations given from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina, the colonies were committed to the defense of each other.…show more content…
The colonies during this period made an identity. At the end of salutary of neglect and the beginning of an active Parliament in the Colonies, the difference between the colonies and England was noticeable. “Is there a single Trait of Resemblance between those few towns and a great and growing people spread over a vast quarter of the globe” This difference was noticed even in the House of Commons. Burke was speaking to an institution that believed that the colonies be ruled directly like any other town in England. This difference must have been visible for a member of the commons to rail against what was policy with the colonies for three years. The unity that the colonies had as discussed earlier was not just a unity based off anger and frustration, but one based also in the hope of liberty. Doc. “C”, “N. America is now mostly firmly united and as firmly resolved to defend their liberties ad infinitum against every power” The author was biased in how certain he is the colonies will be willing to act recognizing that he was the person to lodge the motion to declare independence in 1776. However, Lee is right that there is a value of liberty in the Colonies. This value was what the identity of the colonies came from. Identity and Unity is highly important when any act of rebellion occurs. The French Revolution serves as an important parallel between the American Revolution and the French Revolution. In France, the unity stemmed from starvation and poverty. Moreover, similar to unity in America it was due to a positive value that was foundational to the identity. In France, the value was egalitarianism and anti-monarchal sentiments. France did not rebel just because of these values or just because of its unity; it rebelled because there was a common enemy and a common
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