Unity Of Effect In Edgar Allen Poe's Works

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Edgar Allen Poe uses unity of effect in a majority of his well-written stories. Within this essay, I will be discussing the way Edgar Allen Poe uses unity of effect and his use of good prose within his stories. Edgar Allan Poe believed that you could recognize certain common features of writing that leave an emotional impact on readers. Poe makes clear in this work that despite the romantic view of writers as being struck by inspiration, most must have some kind of structure in place for how they go about composing their work. It is determining what effect you would like to have on a reader and carrying that effect through all the elements of your story or poem. The effect on the reader is, essentially, the purpose of your piece. The unity…show more content…
This essential theme is presented directly. This is the method that Poe chose to achieve his unity of effect. But Poe wants to achieve an effect a total, unified effect in order to show the close proximity of the revelry of life and the masquerade to the inevitability of death itself. Poe's story possesses no real characters. The greatness of the story lies in his use of an age-old theme the inevitability of death and in the way that Poe creates and maintains a total unity of effect, he brings us into the horror of the story. The story achieves credibility simply through Poe's powerful unity of effect that he creates so marvelously. Each word of each description contributes to one single, unified mood of fear and horror. Finally, the Masque of the Red Death promotes the unity of effect to a good extent. Edgar Allen Poe provides many emotional roller coasters for the readers of his stories. Within the Masque of the Red Death, the Raven, the Pit and the Pendulum all use unity of effect/good prose within the stories. As a reader of Poe’s stories, I feel with the characters within the story, and I feel frightened with the characters as they are going through the story. Unity of Effect provides a great motive for readers across the
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