Universal Concept Of Beauty

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Everyone is born to be unique. Even members in the same family or clan will have distinct appearance, let alone there are a variety of races of human being which share entirely different facial and body traits. As a result, the ways people view the others can vary in a large extent, especially depending their own living standards. Different living standard in the world resist the formation of the universal concept of beauty as the variations in living environment shape the judgement of how people view the others. The definition of beauty can differ a lot from countries to countries and even from centuries to centuries. Symmetrical faces, fuller lips, skinny bodies, these are the common traits considered as beautiful in most of the countries. However, some other places do not share any similar belief. According to an article in the Voice of Youth (2014), in Ethiopia, there is an ethnic group believes that scars on bodies can make girls more attractive. In Thailand and Burma, the Kayan people there think that lengthening their necks is a kind of beauty. Also, in the past imperial Chinese time, rotund women were treated as beautiful. The extraordinary standard of beauty indicates that the term, beauty, diversifies over places and time. People may not agree or accept such kind of standard in their own perspective, but they still cannot deny that those judgement exist as defining beauty should come from everyone’s subjectivity, instead of a typical standard which people should

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